With the goal of initiatings a new type of international cooperation in agriculture, we developed.

A new economic model dedicated to agriculture

It aims to give a more accurate picture of international agricultural markets, which is not achieved by most current models.  It especially includes the specific risks faced by agricultural markets that generate the structural violatility of agricultural commodity prices.

An international rating agency

It aims to fill a strategic void by grading international agricultural policies and practices and by providing pertinent, credible and reliable information to the various concerned parties.
By doing so, it will improve the understanding of agricultural strategies at the global level and ill initiate better cooperation and regulation regarding agriculture and food.


Encouraging the development of trade when it contributes to improving the condition of all farmers, particularly in developing countries, and optimizing supply security for all countries.

  • » Strengthening research potential as well as investment, productivity and employment abilities for agricultural and agribusiness operations with the aim of on-going consumer satisfaction and security.
  • » Fighting speculative trends and excessive support, which distort market operations at the expense of sustainable development, by designing and managing a crisis warning and risk assessment model.
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  • » Developing any information and awareness raising programs that allow international organizations and national governments to take pertinent measures to regulate global agricultural markets.