Quality and Processes

Cross Rolling Process
Disc blades made out of Cross-rolled sheets are stronger, tougher and have much lesser wear and tear. Cross rolling ensures optimum mixing of grains in the raw material, thus imparting suitable properties.

Cutting Process
This is the process in which sheet is cutted round in a shape of disc.

Bending Process

This is a process in which the round sheet is bended to form a disc in different die & diffrent sizes.

Shot Blasing

Shot blasting of the disc blades increases the fatigue life of the disc blade. Due to automatic shot blasting, high quality surface finish disc blades are manufactured.

Stage Testing at each point is an integral part of the manufacturing process at KSI.

Stage Testing Includes

  • Chemical Composition Testing

    Raw Material plays the most vital role in achieving the mechanical properties desired. We at KSI inspect a sample lot of raw material before ordering the required quantity. Dedicated lab Technicians keep a close check on the composition of different steel grades.

  • Hardness Testing

    It measurers whether the hardness achieved is within the prescribed range or not. Different grades of steel give different hardness levels. It signifies the strength and toughness of the disc.

  • Wobble Testing

    This is done to make sure that there is no axial deviation of points on disc edge in a plain, parallel to the
    axis of the disc when the disc is rotated about its centre.

  • Eccentricity Test
    This test enables us to identify radial deviation of points on the disc edge in a plain perpendicular to the axis of disc when rotated about its centre.
  • Basic Dimentional test includes :-

    Normal Size Thickness Centre hole Concavity
    Fixing hole PCD Bevel Length Bevel Angle

  • Crack Test and Visual Testing
    The test helps to identify the location of any flaws such as surface cracks, scales, pits, nicks and burns etc on the disc.


High Carbon Steel , Chrome steel and Micro Alloy Boron Steel are primarly used to manufacture agricultural disc blades. The very abrassive nature of disc in different soil conditions makes the raw material selection process a very important parameter for optimum output.